About Us

The Fifty Fabulous Women Giving Circle (FFWGC) is a community of philanthropic women who combine their financial strength to improve the lives of women and girls in Erie and Niagara counties.

Our Mission

To strengthen our community by supporting projects that promote the Buffalo community and the well-being of women and children.

FFWGC is a grantmaking organization that supports organizations in Erie and Niagara counties. Our philosophy is ‘money in/money out.’ Each quarter, all contributions are given out in grants and the process starts again the following quarter. We are able to maximize the impact of our member contributions as an all-volunteer organization with no overhead. A full 100% of member contributions go directly to programs that support the well being of women and children.


FFWGC is also a learning community where members gain new insights into philanthropy as a vehicle for social change and find reward in being directly involved in shaping the future of our community. In addition, members have the opportunity to network and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Meet our Leadership Team

Meet our all-woman team of community-minded volunteers.